Hola Munchkins!
Over the past month I seem to have accumulated a few cleansing potions, and as such have decided to do some mini reviews today.
Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser
I picked this up whilst it was on offer in Boots, having been enticed by the inclusion of one of my favourite acids - Glycolic.  Smelling beautifully of citrus, this is a lovely gel cleanser to use in the morning as a wake-up call, or in the evening as a freshen-up.  It works to smooth and clarify the skin and it's texture, and works nicely with the Clarisonic.  I tend to use this as a first cleanse, as I prefer something with a more luxurious texture for my second cleanse.
Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean
Perhaps the best cleanser ever, no joke.  No idea really why I stopped using this, silly fickle brain of mine.  Reformulated, repackaged, same but better - beautiful smell, beautiful texture, brightening and smoothing.  Perfect.
L'oreal Micellar
Easy to use, stings eyes, cooling and refreshing.  Good for first cleanses, but uses up a lot of cotton pads for a full on face of make up.  Wouldn't use as my only cleansing method, leaves the skin a little tacky, but good as a pre-cleanse.
Hope you liked my speed reviews!
Love A.x