Long name, right?  Cute though!  I had a Benefit phase about 3 years ago - You Rebel, That Gal and Thrrob.  I still LOVE and use Thrrob.  Anyways, this was a complete impulse buy.  My skin is being a weird colour atm, I would go as far as to say its on the pasty side, I defos need the sun back!  Basically its lost some of its healthy yellow-ness!  And, I actually like my yellow skin!  So I wanted a foundation that would healthy me up a bit, and after a brainwave, came up with this foundation, in one of my kinda-sleeping but kinda-not moments.  And the next day I went into Debenhams - the ladies there did not want to be helpful, and all I really got was a hmmm let me show you the colour on my hand and stripe your face with it.  Anyways, I figured out my colour, and then took my custom to Boots, where a lovely girl - probs a little younger than me - really helped me out, made sure the colour was a good match, even taking the time to actually FORCE me out of the shop into the natural daylight, where she brought a mirror so I could see the colour.  She was lovely!  So I purchased the foundation in Beige I'm All the Rage.  
LOL at the shade names.  I brought it home, and I must say, I really truly like it.  The blurb on the Benefit website says : "Hello…it’s flawless time! Our new oil-free brightening liquid foundation builds from light to medium coverage for a natural complexion you can believe in. It’s you…just more luminous & healthy looking." And I agree.  Completely.  It's a nice runny consistency, looks beautiful blended with fingers, brush or sponge, gives a medium coverage straight away, but is easily buildable.  It reminds me of my Dior Forever (which btw is going unloved atm as I'm finding it slightly heavy), but without the feel of make up.  By that I mean, when I wear Forever, I know it's going to last the day, and last flawlessly, but I feel it on my face.  I didn't realise I felt it on my face until I tried the Benefit.  Benefit is pretty flawless, but feels almost like nothing.   Someone has crafted this foundation beautifully.  
The colour I was matched to is a tad dark, so I'll probably purchase the Champagne shade - it leans very yellow!  In terms of finish, I find it is semi-matte.  It looks how good skin should look.  Healthy.  After a couple of hours, shine appears, and this is probably my only gripe.  It does however manage to look quite healthy with the shine, BUT I would prefer it to have better oil-controlling abilities.  I would probably re-powder at about 4-5 hours, and be happy with that.  What I love about this foundation is how easy it is to work with.  It will definitely be one that I grab when I have no time to get ready because once on the skin it sorts itself out into a flawless finish.  And, it will be one that I use when I have time to get ready because it's so lovely to play with.  I really quite love it.  I'm actually contemplating buying the matching powder when my Mac finishes, as the girl in the store applied this too, and it really did look extra, extra flawless.
As an aside, a Porefessional sample was included and OMG what a good marketing ploy.  A good product, included with your foundation, but only enough for one application.  I already want it after using the sample up.  It helps even and blur the skin before any foundation touches it.  It feels soft and silky as opposed to siliconey, and I'm just sad that I didn't order it whilst it was on BuyaPowa.  Damn me and my fickle ways.  (Update - by the time you read this, I have bought it!  Review to come!)
So, all in all, brilliant foundation - suitable for all skin types, good selection of colours that span from light to dark, lovely finish, needs powdering on oily girlies like me, plus a top up somewhere along the way, but soooooo easy and lovely to work with, and works really well with the Porefessional.
Phew!  Well done Benefit!
P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow for the Porefessional review!
Love A.x