I did something I regret.  I ordered the teeny 100ml.  Aaaaaaaaah now that I've used it I wish I'd got the big fat 500ml.  Oh well, I have ridiculously sensitive eyes, and better to be safe than sorry.  Plus I can top up the 100ml bottle for carrying around.  The product itself?  Oh so lovely!  I had been resisting for while, mainly because my Simple eye make up remover is the bomb.  Its gentle, its moisturising and it doesn't mess with my eyes or contact lenses.  But it was finishing, and I am recently loving all things French in terms of skincare.  So I caved and bought it.
Basically, i did love it, it seemed soooooo easy to use, with a softness to it in terms of how it feels.  It seemed to shift the layers of eyeliner and mascara I sometimes wear, plus its lovely as a pre-cleanse on my face.  HOWEVER then disaster struck the third time I used it, I think a drop got in my eye and oh my God I've never felt such pain.  Literally felt like I was being blinded to the point where I had to take out my contact lens and rinse rinse rinse out my eye.  The whole night was then spent with glasses on - very rare - and then I went to sleep early because the pain just would not subside.  
HOWEVER I then chose to re-try it, and so far, so good.  It's lovely, but I generally only use it for my eyes.  I don't like not washing my face properly! Buuuuuuuuut the Bioderma does make a great pre-cleanse and lazy cleanse on my skin.  I realllly want to repurchase the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig bottle but we'll see how mu funds are!
On a side note, I wish someone would open some French pharmacies here, my skincare bill is ridiculous!
Love A.x