Tinted moisturisers.  Weird concept, no?  I find them weird.  They sound like they don't have a lot of coverage.  And they sound like they moisturise.  Regarding the point of coverage, it varies from tinted moisturiser to tinted moisturiser.  Regarding the moisturising, they generally categorically do not moisturise.  You do need moisturiser underneath.  Weird but true.  So I have been after a couple of lighter-weight foundations.  I still am seriously craving for Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B40, but funds are ridiculously low.  I then really fancied the oil-free Laura Mercier Tinted moisturiser.   
As usual, I popped in for a sample, and the snotty young lady at the counter would not listen to me, and matched me too dark.  Cue me going back a few weeks later saying 'you matched me too dark.' Incidentally she also put loose powder on me using a powder puff that looked like it had seen better days.  Plus she wasn't really looking at me, she was looking at the mirror behind me.  The entire time.  Not a fan.  Anyways, back to the actual tinted moisturiser.  
I love it.  It's thicker that I thought, with pretty good, probably medium natural coverage, and I love to use it with a little concealer and a sprinkling of loose powder over the top.  Wear time is a couple of hours - expected from a tinted moisturiser, after all it isn't a foundation!  The colour I am matched to is Almond, which I do find a little dark, but I do have my Barry M White foundation now, so it doesn't even matter.  Plus, I found it on eBay for £6 - I wasn't really going to say no was I when it RRPs at around £30?  Lovely for popping out all over the place, but I wouldn't use it of a night.  Lovely for day though.
Love A.x