I like this.  A lot.  I know recently I've been loving Philosophy's the Present, and I still do, but the Porefessional is somewhat different.  I actually wouldn't really place the two in the same category.  Maybe primers need to be further sub-divided.  Anyway, I digress.  The Porefessional was a snap decision.  I had almost run out of The Present, and wanted to make sure I had a primer for my recently uncooperative skin.  I bought Benefit Hello Flawless one day, tried the primer sample in it, and went out and bought it the next day.  Whilst the Present really aims to hold your make up on the skin for as long as possible, it seems the Porefessional wants to make your skin look good BEFORE you do your make up.  The actual product is a nude-brown colour, and works especiallly well on my NC37 skintone, to really even it out, and to disguise slightly my areas of hyperpigmentation.  Plus it hides the pores on my cheeks.  As far as texture goes, I don't really know how to describe it - I suppose its a kind of gel-cream hybrid that feels like soft, soft powder on the skin.  Plus, it extends the wear time of my foundation - I love it!
 In the below pics from a recent face of the day, I have used the porefessional under a thin layer of Bourjois Healthy Mix, I think you can really see how it makes for a flawless base!
 I really am a sucker for a flawless base - it can so often be the be all and end all of my day! Sad but true  One word of warning, make sure your moisturiser has had a little time to sink in, and then PAT the Porefessional onto the skin, as opposed to rubbing it!  This will create a smoother canvas, and avoid the pilling issue that happens when products are from different brands.
Love A.x