Vichy is a brand I have been using for a little while now - at one point I was religiously using their foundation, which has increeeddddddddddddible coverage, but is slightly the wrong colour (might retry it now that I have the Barry M Foundation in white), and their setting powder which I use every day without fail and love ridiculous amounts.  Not really sure why I haven't done a review yet.  Hmmmm one to ponder.  Anyways, my La Roche Posay Effaclar M ran out, and I know it has a hugggggggge following amongst those of us with oily skin, but it just wasn't doing anything for me.  I know it was maybe a psychological thing - I knew the ingredients were purely to mattify, and I like my skincare to work double duty.  Plus it didn't reallly mattify me.  Weird.  So when it finished I picked up a moisturiser that I had been pondering for a while - the Vichy Normaderm.  
First off it smells like apples.  Green, green apples that I hate the taste of but love the smell of!  Wakes me up a little every morning=].  Secondly it contains one of my fave ingredients - Glycolic Acid, which is such a little power-worker.  It does so many amazing things, I just love it.  Plus the addition of Salicylic acid which is a wonder product for spot-prone skin, which, although mine isn't particularly bad, any appearance of a spot will cause a scar so I always try to be preventative.  The combination of these two products should eventually help with smoothness, texture, scarring, and a general overhaul of the old skin. 
I love the texture, its a bit weird, kind of thick but at the same time light and almost sorbet-like I suppose. One thing you need to watch out for is not to use too much, and to leave it to dry/sink in for a few mins before you layer anything else on top, otherwise it has a tendency to pill.  I've been using it for about a week now and already prefer it to the old Effaclar M. Definitely mattifies more, smells nicer, and creates a better overall canvas. 
Hope you found this helpful!
Love A.x