At House of Fraser the other day, I wandered across a Shu Uemura counter - I've never really seen one before  but OMG I now LOVE this brand.  The make-up artist, a lovely man named Angel colour matched me using my chest!  He saw the Dior on my face and instantly said it was too dark, which I know, but make up artists love to match Asian girls too dark (they always ask me sooooooo do you want your foundation to be lighter than your skin or darker?  Ummmmm how about the actual colour of my skin?!).  
The colour he chose for me was amaze balls, and the formula is just to die for.  From the sample, I used the normal amount I would use for any other foundation, and found it was far too much.  I literally used a third of my normal amount.  And the coverage - OMG it almost did the full work of concealer and foundation with that tiny, tiny amount.  It feels soft on the skin, like you're not wearing a foundation.  The consistency is thin, but had a kind of stiffness to it, which makes you feel it's not just going to fall off your face!
It looks natural yet ridiculously polished, and lasted me around 6 hours before signs of wear and tear.  I want this foundation.  So much.  But finances are strained atm.  But believe you me, as soon as I can, I will be buying this!  I think Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua has just moved down on my 'to buy' list!  Plus, I don't know what shade he gave me!=o.

Love A.x