I have an issue with eczema.  It suddenly developed when I was 15, and everybody in my chemistry class asked why I was wearing red eyeshadow.  I wasn't (I wouldn't).  But my eyelids were red from eczema.  My lids would flake and peel and be really, really sore, and my uncle Doctor said Hydrocortisone was the best thing for it (a topical steroid), and to this day, if it really flares up, this cures it within a day.  But steroids thin your skin.  And eye skin is thin already.  For a long time, I didn't find anything that worked to prevent these occasional flare-ups.  Until last year.  I was actually looking for a serum at the time, something with glycolic acid in it to make up for the lack of glycolic peels I was having after I was made redundant (of course you'll all know that this problem has been solved recently by Alpha H Liquid Gold), and I picked up the Eucerin dermo-active serum, and night care.  I carried on browsing the Eucerin aisle as I had heard about their Hyularon moisturiser (extra moisture that works deep down in your skin), which I could not afford, but then saw - and there really should be an angelic choir for this - Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Moisturising Eye Cream.  

I picked it up thinking ooooo let's give it a try.  And the rest is history.  I have literally had one eczema break out in the year that I have used this, and that is because I was being lazy, not using the eye cream, and therefore not preventing the eczema.  Lately, the same thing has happened, aka I have been lazy and not been using the cream.  The effect this time is that when the bottom of the dark circles under my eyes are, little tiny bumps - milia-like - are appearing, making my concealer look uneven.  As soon as I realised this, I restarted my cream. I tell you, this really is fabulous.  My little 15ml bottle that retails at £13.27 (but is often on 3 for 2) had lasted me the year, AND doesn't seem like it's going to give up the ghost anytime soon.  In terms of consistency, its more liquidy than creamy, very cooling on the skin, and a little goes a very long way.  
I love it, and am so happy I found it and that it means I no longer have to have sore eyelids and sore under-eyes.

Love A.x