First things first, confession time!  I have had this little tube for over a year.  Shock horror!  I actually got this little gem in the trade-in that Clinique do every year, and I have to admit I really love it - I probably will get the full-size as I love it so much.  I think this mascara is almost as good as the beloved Dior Extase which I can't quite afford at the moment, and is perfect for volumising, thickening and lengthening the lashes.
 Because of it's mini size, this is the mascara I pop into the make-up bag that lives in my handbag.
 As you can see, the brush is a medium sized bristle brush, I tend to go for bristle brushes over plastic wands, and bigger brushes over smaller ones!
This is two light coats, I love the way the mascara really darkens the roots of my lashes, and thickens them up but in a more natural way than some of my other ones!
Love A.x