In my skincare routine, I love a good old (gentle) scrub.  I am an avid user of glycolics, and other chemical exfoliants, so I shouldn't really need to much scrubbing on my face, HOWEVER, my oily skin often makes my face look dull, and that is when I turn to a scrub or two!  Currently being used are this trio:
First up is the St Ives Apricot Scrub - I think we have quite a few variations on these in my bathroom, but basically, this is the scrub I would recommend to more or less anyone, especially those who want to get into exfoliating for the first time.  The granules of scrub are fairly large, but round, so no chance of scratching the skin, and are encased in a thick, soft, creamy cleanser.  I think of this almost as an exfoliating cleanser as it cleanses the skin especially well, and leaves it soft and a lot brighter than if I haven't used it.  You can find this at Boots for about £4, as well as Superdrug and most supermarkets to be honest.  Perfect for all skin types.
Next up is No7 for Men Energising face scrub.  Now, yes I am a girl, but this is one of the best scrubs I have found.  The granules in this are verrrrrrrrrrry tiny, and almost look like salt!  The carrier is a translucent gel, which foams up a little bit when added to water.  This is one of my fave scrubs, and in my house is used by both sexes, and has been repurchased a fair few times.  It exfoliates very effectively, and the change in my skin is immediately noticeable.  It literally makes the skin glow.  I would recommend this to those with an oilier or thicker skin, or those who haven't exfoliated for a while, and need a load of cells sloughing off.  This is available exclusively at Boots at £8 for 150ml, which I think it is definitely worth HOWEVER, using a No7 £5 off voucher, this is a ridiculous bargain at £3.
Last of all is Dark Angels from Lush, which I have already reviewed on my Problem skin days post.  This is the scrub I turn to for when my skin is playing up in terms of spots - it deep cleans and scrubs my face all at the same time.  I tend to apply this thickly, mixing it with only a teeny bit of water, all over my face as a mask, leave it for a while, then add a little more water and rub, transforming it into a scrub.  This is a perfect problem for anyone who is oily and congested, and for the hot weather and is £5.95 for 100g here.
So those are my current exfoliating tools!
Love A.x