As you may know, I picked this up a little while ago, and thought it might be nice to do a little review for you.  I actually was meaning to buy the REN Cleansing Gel, but as funds are literally at zero at the moment, I thought I'd have a little look-see for something a little cheaper.  After reading this post from Miss Budget Beauty, I thought I'd have a go at this cleanser!  
Now, Miss Budget Beauty's skin and mine seem very different, mine is pretty much on the oily side, whereas hers seems dry to normal, but it seems to be working as well for me as it did for her.  So, first things first: for £7 you get a hefty 200ml pump-action bottle of the most beauuuuuuuuuuutiful smelling PINK stuff!  Now, that is a winner in my books!  It smells like a cross between peaches and a kind of mint-y/herbal-y smell, and is just a joy to use.  
The texture is most definitely not the milky one that Soap and Glory describe it as, but more of a thicker lotion, which makes massaging the skin quite a dreamy experience!  I also use this with my Clarisonic and think they are such good partners in crime!
The bottle says: "It Purifies! Can energise! And melts away make up!"  And you know what?  I think it does everything it claims to do.  In terms of actually cleansing the skin, this is super super super good.  Even with a shed-load of make up one, one pump literally takes it all off - when I go over it with another splodge and my Clarisonic, there is no make up residue on the brush head: my make up is melted and my face purified!  It is fabulous.  And the scent in the mornings seriously helps me to wake up, and that is no mean feat!
All in all, probably one of the best cleansers I have tried, tbh I think I may now stop searching for the perfect one because I seem to now own it!
Hope this helps!
Love A.x