This isn't the post that is meant to go up today, but I was so excited about my little find that I just had to write this!  After more than a year of using, and then 6 whole months of searching in vain on every trip to every Boots all over the country, and not being able to find this:

My heart stopped and my heart sang with joy when I was perusing the aisles I found it reincarnated as this:
It was as if the angels has spoken to me!  Now, this balm hasn't gotten much coverage on the olde blog, largely because I was near the end of it around the time I started posting regularly.  But, between you and me, this is the bees knees.  I could literally use this balm the rest of my life (or until I can afford the fancy-pants ones - Emma Hardie, Eve Lom).  Why is it so fantastic I hear you say?  Well, it does EVERYTHING a cleanser could need to do, and is everything a cleanser should be.  First off, it comes in a tub with a muslin cloth - I literally chuck away the cloth, because I an wholeheartedly a flannel girl through and through.
The balm itself looks like olive oil decided to solidify itself in a tub!  Deep, golden colour than just invites you in 'eat me, eat me' etc etc.  Except I wouldn't advise you to eat it. 
The formula itself has changed slightly between the first incarnation and the new version.  In the older version it LOOKED more organic - the actual product wasn't packed in as tightly as this, nor as smoothly.  It was a bit grittier, so needed more time in your hands to work it into an oil, but I quite liked this 'prep work'.  The new version, as you can see from both the above and below pics, is as smooth as a baby's bottom, and packed very tightly.  What this means in terms of usage is that it melts into an oil pretty much as soon as you rub your hands together.  To be honest, I liked that with the old version you kinda had to work to get your money's worth, but that is neither here nor there.
In terms of smell, it definitely smells both relaxing and slightly uplifting - in fact in reminds me of some leaves I used to pick in my very first primary school, to make lemon tea.  I think we used to call the bush lemon mint?  It is possible we made that up, but I could liken it to lemon verbena, or a softer citrus smell.  In terms of application, I normally scoop out a lump with my nail and place on palm of hand like so:
I then rub my hands together, creating an oil and massage it into my face until my hands decide to drop off.  Off course, you can massage for less time - I just love the cleanser so keep on going!
Lastly, I wring out a hot flannel, place on face for a second, then go about buffing off the olde balm.  And voila, the cleanest, brightest, softest face you will ever see!
This literally is my favourite cleanser that I have ever used, and I have used a lot.  I always come back to it because it is just sooooo very effective.  In terms of tips, I would say, the longer you can massage the better, massage extra on any problem areas, and then make sure to thoroughly remove the product.
This is the most excited I've been to take off my make up in ages!
I hope this was useful!
Love A.x