As the weather has gotten hot and then cold and then hot and then cold, I've found myself lusting after a more natural contour for my face for no apparent reason.  My HG Bronzer, theBalm Bahama Mama can look a little stark, and for some reason I find Nars Laguna very obvious on my face.  After watching a couple of Pixiwoo Vids, I decided to purchase the Avon True Colour Blush in Earthern Rose.  

First things first, I adooooore Avon as a cosmetics company - any product can be returned to them within 60days for a full refund, even if used!  Genius Customer Service.  I do wish, however, that the shades could be seen in person before purchasing.  I SUPER want the Ideal Flawless Liquid Foundation, but the shade I purchased - Golden - was too dark, and although I have returned it used, and received the refund, I have no idea which shade to go to from there!  Anyways, that's much of a muchness.

Earthern rose is LOVELY.  It is a perfect bronze colour, leaning slightly reddy-brown, but most definitely not orange!  The colour is subtle, and looks extremely natural, but can be easily built up.  In terms of formulation, the blusher is super fined milled, and as such, leaves no tell-tale "make-up" signs on the skin.  I generally use my Prestige contour brush lightly swept over the blush and then under my cheekbones for contour, or with my Bobbi Brown blush brush if I want a more obvious look.
Packaging is black and sleek, with a small mirror on the inside, and a little brush which I seem to have misplaced.  Oops.
Lovely blush, and I'm definitely thinking about getting the other colours!
Love A.x