I love reading about beauty blogger's make up collection, storage and brushes, so I thought I'd write about my own brush collection, which are most definitely one of the best inventions I ever made!
The majority of my set are a Bobbi Brown set, that I was luckily able to find on eBay for about £20, from a girl who had received them for her birthday but didn't know a thing about make up, and therefore didn't know how ridiculously expensive these should have been.    In the name of curiosity I've just had me a little gander on the Bobbi Brown website and this Bobbi brown set cost £139, and contains only 6 brushes, whereas mine contains 8.
When they came from the ebay seller they were boxed and sealed, came with a case and most importantly they were genuine.  In my set I received the Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Eye Shader Brush, Cream Shadow Brush, Blush Brush, Bronzer Brush, Foundation Brush, Face Blender Brush, and later I purchased a Kabuki Brush.  I must have had this set for around 3 years now, and they are - like Mary Poppins - practically perfect in every way, and never, ever shed.  Only the name of each brush has started to rub off.  My most used are the Eyeshadow Brush and the Face Blender Brush, and least used is probably the foundation brush, as I don't use the traditional Foundation Brush anymore.  However, recently I have found this brush amazing for picking up some of my Soleil Tan de Chanel, and drawing a line of 'cheekbone'  which I can then blend out with another brush.

 My Bobbi Brown Make-Up brush case.

Removable Compartment with zip - ideal for travelling. 

 L-R: Kabuki Brush, Face Blender, Blush, Foundation and Bronzer

Eyeshadow Brush, Cream Shadow Brush, Eye Shader Brush and Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush
My foundation brushes of choice are all in the following picture and are: the Sigma F82 Round top Kabuki, ELF Studio Stipple Brush and the ELF Studio Powder brush.  I have recently discovered that the ELF Powder brush flawless-ifies any foundation, if used after all other implements.  Often I will use the F82, Stipple Brush or Beauty Blender to buff or stipple the foundation into my skin, and then use the ELF to polish the look.  The Studio Stipple brush, which I used as a real multi-tasker.  I use it to pick up powder bronzer to sweep through the back of my cheekbone, highlighter on the tops of cheekbones, and I use it to apply both cream and powder brusher, as it picks up such a nice dusting of colour that can be built up.  It also provides a natural but flawless veil of foundation.  The last brush in this picture is one I found on sale in Boots on the Prestige stand.  It is a contouring brush, with a thinner brush head than a normal Blush brush, and is perfect for picking up a small amount of colour, blending and building up colour for a perfect contour. This is not the brush I use when I want an obvious contour!
Concerning Mac, I only have 2 brushes, one is a face brush that I have no idea of the number - it stays in my handbag for touch-ups, and I generally am not that impressed by it.  It sheds and it sheds and it sheds!  The second I believe is the 266, and I loooooove this one, using it daily for applying shadow as liner, and for applying shadow also under the lower lash line.
I picked up 2 Crown Brushes from a blog sale - a fan brush and an angled blush brush
The last lot of brushes are the ones I have from No7 - I'm sure most of you are familiar with the blend and contour brushes and the concealer brush, but maybe less so with the smokey eyeliner brush.  All of these brushes are amazing, super soft, no shedding and brilliant at their individual jobs!

So there are all my brushes!  They are all incredible, the only one that ever sheds is the Mac face brush!  As for cleaning, I generally use a shampoo and then a conditioner on them all to make sure they stay in amazing condition.  I think this set will probably last me most of my life!
I hope I may have given you a few ideas for brushes you don't currently own!
Love A.x