Aaaaaaaah we're back to the topic of my yellow skin again.  To be honest, I love it.  Apparently cosmetics companies just don't!  I really have an issue with getting foundations with a strong enough yellow undertone.  As a consequence, I have foundations I have bought which really go unloved.  I'm actually contemplating buying Ben NYE Banana Powder, but it seems to be out of stock everyyyyyyyyyywhere.  So for now, I introduce you to my brainwave of an idea - Mac Pigment in Primary Yellow: 

I use this in one of two ways.  I either add a little to my foundation, but can find this changes the texture of the foundation, so invented use number 2: I added a little to my loose powder, and use that as my face powder.  Of course I don't use this everyday, just for the pinker toned foundations I have.  BUT I have also found that using the yellow face powder mix hugely helps any weary/tired skin days, adding a dose of health to my yellowing face!
Love A.x