When I say earring rotation, there's really only two pairs out of my million that I'm loving at the moment, so I suppoooooooooose its more of an earring swap?  As in, take out one pair, swap it for another.  I'm favouring big, kind of classic stud earrings at the moment for everyday.  One good thing about this style is it'll work for an evening outfit too - the classic look just always looks pretty elegant!

The pinky pair are from new look, around £5 and still available I believe - I bought them about a month ago.  The pearl-ish pair are ones that I randomly found in my box of jewels (pics to come), and I adore them.  
I love classic stud-type earrings, they go with everything, and smarten me up a bit!  I also am verrrrrrrrry fond of HUGE chandelier style earrings - I'll share a few pics with you in another post!
Love A.x