So I am a weird colour.  Namely yellow.  Like a Simpson.  I accept it.  I make no bones about it, I just am a weird colour.  It's a double-edged knife: when I get a good foundation match, I look healthy and a little golden, when I don't I look too pink and weird.  A lot of the time, this means I get matched to foundations that are darker than me.  I have many, many of them, and I just felt like what a waste of money, so when I spotter this little gem in Superdrug I snapped it up!
 I think it was about £6, and it is such a clever little product.  I wish they did a yellow to add into my foundation, that would help me so much (as we speak a Mac yellow pigment is winging its way over to me BUT powders are messy, a cream would be better!).  Anyways, as you would expect, this lightens up my foundation depending on how much I add.  Only problem?  Add too much and you look ashy.
Overall, I think this would be a good staple in anyone's make up bag: oily girls whose foundations tend to oxidise, very fair girls who can't find a good match, and anyone who seems to always get matched too dark, like me.  I may even purchase a darker one to darken light foundation!  The possibilities are now endless!
Love A.x