Time for April's empties!  I actually have quite a few this month, plus I don't photograph shampoos and conditioners, but a few of those were used!
 Garnier Invisible Mineral deodorant.  Hmmm not a bad deodorant but not particularly good - I don't really sweat and still found it just ok.  Repurchase? Non.  I have the Dove Maximum protection now, and think I'm gonna give it a bit of a rave!
Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub.  Possibly the best body scrub I've ever come across.  Nice and gritty, really feels like its cleaning me, and smells super duper fresh.  I actually have the matching body lotion.  Repurchase? Defos will be!
 Battle of the eye-make up removers!  I'm sure you've seen my bioderma review here, if not have a little gander.  Basically I really like it.  But I also really like my Simple.  I think I'll be a bit naughty and repurchase both!  I'll get the big Bioderma and decant it into my little cute bottle!
La Roche Posay Effaclar M.  I do not like it.  It doesn't work on my combo-oily skin, even though it technically should.  Did nothing for skin tone or mattification.  Repurchase? I think not, I'm already onto Vichy Normaderm and really loving it (review here).
 Two hair products now.  I seem to get through leave-in conditioners at a really alarming rate!  This one, originally bought because it was on offer, was just lovely.  I super loved it.  The VO5 oil also a lovely product.  Will I repurchase?  No. Not because they're no good but because I'm trying to use less products, and picked up a Dove leave-in conditioner that has an oil in it.
Body Shop loose powder in 03.  AAAAAARGH I panicked when this finished.  Seriously panic going on.  I really love it.  I couldn't even tell you why, but I really, really do.  So much so that I decided to repurchase instead of plumping for the Nars one.  It's only £12.50 in everyday life, but a 40% off code meant I have ordered it for around £7.50!  The Rapidlash is a bit of a cheat.  It actually ran out about 2-3months ago, and I forgot to add it in. BUT I thought I'd add it in today, because I'm finally seeing the repercussions of not using this, and am defos going to repurchase on the ASAP!

This month I'm going to try and use up a load of bits and pieces I have around - especially body lotions and hair care.  Plus, I shall TRY not to buy so much cosmetics.  I have loads.  It's just an addiction.  Also my Nars Sheer Glow is on its last legs, and I shan't be without it, so I need to cut down on other stuff so I can repurchase as soon as its finished!  I think ASOS maybe the one to purchase from, with the 10% off student discount!

As promised here is my teeny tiny blog sale:

So today I have 2 products for sale, both tested twice, practically in as new condition, with the box.  UK Only please - if you want either of these, just leave a comment with your paypal email.
First is the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Platinum, a limited edition.  Actually stunning, but the colours are too light to show up on my NC37 skin.  I'm thinking of £20 including postage, which I think is a good price, as they cost around £30 new, and its limited edition.  But feel free to make me any offers.
Second is the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser in Light/Medium, which would suit up to my skintone at a stretch, but I think an NC20-35would be best. Only selling as it doesn't have enough coverage for my liking.  £18 including postage - RRP is £27
Love A.x