On a whim a few weeks ago I purchased the REN Travel Kit for Combination skin, mostly so I could try out the Invisible Pores Detox Mask, plus I'm always up for trying a new cleanser and moisturiser.  I certainly did not expect to find my holy grail moisturiser within this cute set!
Buy this set!  It is AMAZING for oily skins - and on the REN website for £12.
When it arrived, I had to try everyyyyyyyyyyyyything out straight away - I know some people love to savour their new purchases but I'm a definite buy-it use-it kinda girl!  I used the cleanser at first, which was lovely to use both on its own and with my  Clarisonic, leaving my face all kinds of soft and clean!  And then I applied the moisturiser before my make up and thought no more of it.  Until five hours later I looked at my skin and there was no shine to be seen!  You see, for some reason these days I have incredibly combo/oily skin which is the bane of my life!  Shine peeks through my make up after about 2 hours, and I find it such a pain as I really don't like touching-up.  Anyways, so with the combination of the Mayblossom T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel and the T-Zone Balancing Fluid (15ml) I had the perfect, not too matte, but not shiny complexion, even under my make up.  Now, thought I, is this a fluke?  So I put it to the test on a few more days, using the moisturiser and then putting make up on top even when I was at home just to test it out.  
And guess what?  Not a fluke!  Just lovely, controlled, soft skin.  One thing I will say is that the best results come when the Cleansing gel and Moisturiser are used together, on the days where I've used this combination, I can be shine free for up to 7 hours, and by the end of the day just look healthy as opposed to oily.  Used on its own, the moisturiser keeps the shine at bay for a good 5 hours still.  I loved my little 15ml sample so much that even before it has finished I have ordered a new one:
 This full sized version is 50ml, and comes in a pump bottle.
 YAY!  It's such a change to have balanced skin, I love it, and I've actually just purchased another mini size of the cleansing gel too, I want to make sure I love it fully before I buy the big version!I'm all kinds of happy thanks to these little miracles!  Will do some reviews on the two masks I received soon - the Glycolactic and the Invisible Pores.
Love A.x