Diorshow and Dior Extase are my faves EVER.  But doing temp work, and now being a uni student again means the old funds are never guaranteed.  Soooooooooo when I heard about the Collection 2000 big fat fake, I was like ooooooooooo let me try.  I did.  And I loved.  But being the fickle idiot that I am, when it finished I bought something else.  Weirdo.  Anyways, picked it up again a few weeks ago and I still love it. 

As with any mascara, it has good and bad points: the bad is that it gets dry pretty quickly, although I think I may have found a solution - put a drop of eye make up remover in it!  I'll let you know how that one goes when mine dries out!  The good points?  Well, the best point is that it really fattens your lashes from the roots.  I love this.  I keep wiggle wiggle wiggling the roots of my lashes for the 'oh-so-seductive' look. 
Sometimes I don't care for how this mascara looks at the tips of my lashes, so I'll use one of my Maybellines first, and wiggle this on afterwards.  Love it a lot.
You should buy it =].
Love A.x