I love me some Topshop make up.  In particular I love me the cream blushers.  They are literally to die for!  So far in my collection I have Flush and Head Over Heels.  Lips-wise I have the lippy in Innocent.  And a couple of days ago I added the following to my little collection:

On the Topshop website this is just described as Pink!  Haha it's definitely pink, but I'm stuck as to what kind of pink to call it.  In real life, it appears slightly warmer than in the pics, and I think I'd class it as a mid-pink, with some warmth and brightness to it.  I swatched Neon Rose in the shop - think I'll have to go back and pick it up - and Prime Time is slightly more natural than Neon Rose, but at the same time, fills the void for a brighter pink cream blush in my collection.  In terms of formula, well I have 3 Topshop cream blushers, so I suppooooooooose you could say I love the formula.  It is a cream-to-powder formula, very creamy on first touch, and lovely and softly powdery when blended.  In terms of blending, they blend like a dream, and what I've found from trial and error is that the best kind of brush to use (I tried them all - stippling, angled blush, small blush, kabuki) is your standard everyday fat blush brush - mine is Bobbi Brown.  Swirl the brush in the old Blush, then apply like you would any blusher.  The combination of the blush and the brush (lol at the rhyme) gives a gorrrrrrrrrgeous finish.

In terms of wear, this blush grabs onto your base and stays put, so will last as long as your base!
I looooooooooooooove these cream blushers, and will post a little look at my others soon.  Perhaps Neon Rose will be included if I get back to Topshop before then!
Love A.x