I don't really like the Body Shop skincare hugely.  I find that the hype is better than the products.  But, this is one Body Shop product that I constantly repurchase, and is a haven for any very dry-lipped ladies like me.  Little bit of lip background - mine are just exceedingly dry, they never seem to be smooth, which makes me extreeeeeeeemely envious of all the bloggers out there with close-up pics of their lips!  My Burts Bees and Lanolips helps to assuage some of the dryness, and maintain them at an ok level, and if I drink a lot of water it really helps.  Plus the L'oreal Rouge Caresses have actually meant that I can skip lip balm and just wear those lippies!  The lip scrub, however, is my ultimate in combating the old flaky lips.  I have previously tried the yummy-smelling, edible lip scrubs from Lush. but found them messy and not very effective! Yummy though! Anyways so how does one use it?  Well just swipe it on like lip balm or lipstickkkk, leave it for a few mins, then I use my finger in a circular motion to help exfoliate it, then wipe it off, and TA-DA! New lips! Such a staple for me!

As you can see, its a lovely(!) alien green colour with all kinds of scrubby bits in it!  If you go into store, its actually with all the lipsticks at the cosmetics part, it costs £8 and you can order it here.  You may think it a little on the pricey side, but it lasts a couple of month and is such a good product.
Love A.x