I've been after this FOREVER, it seems every man and his dog was able to get them apart from me as it seemed to be sold out EVERYWHERE.  But lucky old me spotted it for £15 in a Blog Sale =D (I am ADDICTED to blog sales).
 It is the HD Brows palette in Vamp

The colours are just lovely - they don't look like they'd be right for my brows in pan, but when used they work so well.  Plus they make excellent matte eye shadows, I am especially fond of the Nude colour for a base.  Pigmentation is seriously more than ridiculously good, even better than buttery Urban Decay shadows and Sleek.  Literally, a light, light swipe picks up ridiculous amounts of colour, which I find means that I use too much when I use them as eye shadows.  Only criticism?  I would have liked a more mid-tone brown in the palette - rich brown looks mid-toned but is much darker when applied to the skin.
A lovely, lovely staple, perfect for defining brows, and creating a natural or smokey eye!  The ultimate multitasking palette.
Love A.x