I adore the old school Hollywood actresses.  You know, the ones that seemed simultaneously cute, sexy, coy, coquettish, mischievous, and truly truly purveyors of old school glamour.  Some of my ultimates include Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Julie Andrews and Audrey Hepburn. 
A while ago my mother arrived home with this just stunning book that now lives on my window sill.  It is Audrey Hepburn - An Elegant Spirit.  Not only is the life of Audrey extremely interesting, but also - due to it being authored by her son - there is unprecedented access to photos of Audrey, and each and every one shows her as truly beautiful.  On a personal note, when i was very, very little, my fave film was My Fair Lady, and as such, the pictures of her in her Ascot costume from the film, are my favourites.  
From my fave childhood film: My Fair Lady
I loooooooooove this pic from Breakfast at Tiffany's - such a cute film.
Such an inspirational book, and person - shows Audrey's philanthropic work, as well as her acting work!
Love A.x