I loveeee these little pots of good good goodness!  They are just heavenly!  So much so that I bought 3 in one go (you'll see them in a sec) and then a fourth colour played on my mind so much that I had to go back on another day and purchase it!  Hopefully by the time I post this, I will have been able to catch some sunlight to take a pic of the fourth colour.  So these are the 3 I picked up first time round:
L-R: Sahara Treasure, Bronze Goddess, Eternal Black
As you can see, these are beautifully pigmented.  I used a flat eyeshadow brush to pick up the shadow, and just swiped it once on my hand to achieve these swatches.  Sahara Treasure is a light gold, Bronze Goddess leans slightly goldy-olivey, both of these are shimmery, and Eternal Black is matte, but kind of wet-looking at the same time, with glitter shot through.These colours are just beautiful, and multi-dimensional, not just in the sense of shimmer for the two lighter ones, and sparkle for the darker colour, but also in the way the colours can be used as an all over wash of colour, and provide light and contour to the eye with just one shade.  This is more obvious in the chocolate shade, which I will put pics of below.  
It is hard to believe that these are powders, the should be almost like dazzle dusts, and apply just as pigmentedly, but they are packed in an almost solid form, and apply like a cream!  Just lovely!
I recommend you go and buy them!
A post of these in action is coming up today!
Love A.x