So, my skin is acting up.  Eurgh.  I think its mostly to do with the Clarisonic.  I've had this little gadget for around a year, but only starting using it properly circa the 1st Jan, so its been a good month now.  However, what many people forget is that your skin's renewal cycle is 6-8weeks, so any kind of skincare system should be tested for that long in order to figure out how it works.  Anyways my skin seems to still be purging at times, and my skin-tone holds onto scars like nobody's business.  I have a nasty habit of unfortunately picking things like spots and scabs - yuk I know but its a little compulsion.  Of late I have been trying not to touch any spots in order to just kind of allow them to heal themselves, but whaddya know?  Those pesky spots leave me with scars even when I DON'T touch them.  Just my luck right?  I've had a really weird year skin-wise, ever since I had an op on my ovary, I just don't think my hormones really settled down to what they were before - I had lovely skin before that! - and as such, randomly have bouts of bad skin.  These spots normally form on my chin and jaw-line, which is also a reason I think they are to do with my op - this chin and jaw-line area spot-attack is normally to do with hormones.  
(L-R): Origins Super Spot Remover, Quinoderm, Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Active Concentrate, Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Active Night Care
I use the clarisonic at least once, normally twice a day - on breakout days, my cleansing product of choice is my Dead Sea Spa Magik Black soap, which I have just rediscovered.  I lather it in my hands, and smoosh it onto my face, and I suppose you all know the Clarisonic drill!  This soap, incidentally, would be an amazing cleanser for oily skins.
My first port of call is this teeny weeny blue bottle of gel!  The infamous Origins Spot Remover.  This goes on after cleansing and toning.  I apply a splodge with a clean finger over the affected area - normally my chin, and wait for it to dry.  You don't need too much, otherwise it goes a bit peel-y, and not nice.  I'm not sure how effective this is, but it's another layer in my fight against breakouts!
The Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Active Concentrate is much more of a serious skin care product, and is one that I love.  Quick lesson, Lactic Acid is a mild chemical exfoliator, allowing the skin to be exfoliated without grains or a 'scrubby' feeling.  The acid weakens the kind of glue that binds onto your dead -eww- skin cells, and allows them to detach from you healthy skin.  Lactic acid is used as a milder chemical peel.  I personally love this little bottle of chemical goodness!  I use it as a serum, under any thicker creams - remember, skincare goes on from thinnest to thickest - and generally use it at night time.
Quinoderm is the next item in my arsenal - it is the only on the spot treatment that has ever yielded me results, and the results are pretty good!  It is a thick cream, with a little bit of lactic acid in - one of my fave skincare ingredients - but this can cause it to be slightly stingy and itchy for those not used to chemical exfoliates.  I put this on either onto bare skin when I'm lounging around in the daytime at home, or at night time, where I use it over my Eucerin Serum and Under the Active Night care
The Dermo Purifyer Active Night Care is the last of my night time routine - I tend not to use this in the daytime as I find it can 'pill' a bit, so not good for under make up.  It is a fairly thick cream that is hard to blend after a while, so needs to be rubbed in fairly quickly.  It does mattify the skin, and this translates whenever I touch my skin after putting this on!
As with any kind of strict spot-fighting regime, the skin can be left somewhat dry, so I try and re balance this using the Love Lettuce mask, and using a good moisturising moisturiser - top pick at the moment being Weleda's wild rose smoothing facial lotion.
Love Lettuce
So there are my problem skin solvers - I will do a separate post on Dead Sea Spa Magik when I restock, as these are amazing helpers for problem skin, and probably will do a few posts on some of the products mentioned here, so you can see the consistency etc of them!
Hope that helped in some way!
Love A.x