Ah hard to believe February's already over - the older I get the faster life seems to go by!
So February Favourites.  A nice bit of alliteration there.  We could do more to it.  Finally February's Favourites.  February's Fantastic Favourites.  Fabulous February Favourites.  I think I like that the best.  Yes, if you'll excuse me for one sec I shall change the title of this post!  Oh what a piece of stream of consciousness writing can do for a blog post.  As usual, this is a midnight madness kind of post (actually its 2:36am) - I get inspired mostly at night.  Odd.  Onto the faves:
This month I have been experimenting with foundation big time.  I thinkkkkk seeing as I've only had samples of most of them, that I shall pick one from my own collection that I've been using alone, and with other foundations - my 'foundation alchemy' if you will.  So top of the foundation pile this month is Nars Sheer Glow - my shade is Stromboli.  I loooooooooove this foundation.  Why?  You may ask!  Well one huuuuuuuuuuuge reason is that it is super yellow-based and I am basically a Simpson.  I can add this to other foundations, or use it as a base layer for other foundations to make my face the right colour.  Also it is neither sheer - I would say its a good medium but buildable coverage - nor glowy really, its more natural finish, with a hint of matte that just makes you look healthy.  So maybe that's where the glow comes from?  Don't really know where to go with that.
And how has one been applying the ol' Sheer Glow?  With a pink, pink, pink Beauty Blender from Cosmopolitan Beauty.  I've just reviewed this here and after an initial disappointment regarding it, I now love it.  Warning though, although available in superdrug, it was hard to find.  I have used this little gem with cream foundation, liquid foundation, cream concealer and liquid concealer and it is just amazing.  I maaaaaaaaaaaaaay even buy another. Shock Horror.
Next up is theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer.  Now I got this from TK Maxx eons ago, and am hitting pan on it! Gasp!  I never hit pan, apart from on pressed powders, and now I'm worried about where I'm going to find one so cheaply again!  I love this colour - in terms of colour it is deeper than my Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel, and although I've never tried Benefit's Hoola, I want to say its kind of that colour?  Its also darker than my Nars Laguna Bronzer, the plus side of this being I use Laguna on no-effort make-up days, and Bahama Mama on sculpting-my-face-days.
In terms of blush - I have rediscovered my Mac Venomous Villains Briar Rose Beauty Powder, and have been applying it right at the top of my (non-existent) cheekbones.  It is beautiful, and although quite sheer, is buildable.  I'll have to get round to doing a review.
OOOOOOOOOO another rediscovery - Body Shop Loose Powder in 04 has taken over from my prized Mac Pressed Powder NC35.  I have literally had this for years.  Blush.  Loose powder really is so much more finely milled, giving a much better finish, however it's a bit messy and I can't carry it around.
Skincare has been my priority this month - my skin has been acting up, but has really improved with the introduction of a few products.  However, I think these will probably need to go in next month's faves, just so I can really test them out.
One thing I super love is my Clari.  It just makes my skin soft and supple and cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeean.
This defos has to go in my faves because its just nearly run out, and when I popped into Boots last Fri to pick a new one up, their Boots Botanics  shelves were literally empty!  It is the Boots Organic Cleansing Balm, and no joke, it has lasted me a full year.  Ridiculous!  It is the best for any skin type, and I often use this as the first of my cleanses before my Clari.  Review to come!
In terms of hair, my go-to tool is of course my Enrapture tong.
I think that's it in terms of Beauty and skincare.
I do have a few TV faves this month actually: one fave however is The Big Bang Theory - it doesn't matter how many times I see these episodes, each one is still so sooooo funny! 
The same goes for my beloved Modern Family, I sky+ all the episodes, and when I fancy a giggle, play one! 
Did anyone catch Pan Am? If so, did you love it as much as me?  The retro glamour was just amaze balls, and as much as I didn't like the character Ashley Greene played, I thought she looked stunning.
As I've put so much TV in there, I need to balance it with at least one book!  I am (still) currently reading Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde.  Yes, still.  I literally have so much reading to do for my postgrad degree that I am literally reading it a chapter at a time in the bath!  I have so many books - real books, and kindle books, just waiting for my attention!  I'll see if I can get through a few more by this time next month!
In terms of food, my addiction has been clementines, sweet breakfasts and Earl Grey Tea=]..I just cannot drink 'normal' tea anymore, the Earl is so much sunnier!
So that's my Feb for you!  What were your faves?
Love A.x