Now, before we start, this smells yummy!  It says its got fig and wild strawberry.  Well I don't know if I've ever met a wild strawberry, but boy would I like to now!  This little bottle has a load of spot fighting and soothing ingredients in it, and you can really feel those getting to work when you apply it.  But I don't actually use it as a cleanser.  I couldn't.  My brain will not let me.  I have to wash my face, not just wipe off my make up.  I don't use make up wipes, I think they just push your make up around your face, and I always double cleanse.  So I use this little tube as a kind of pre-toner phase, after double cleansing, on a cotton pad to give my skin a little bit more of a chance in the fight for clarity.  And it really is at the same time both refreshing and yummy smelling!
Love A.x