Carrying on from my Audrey Hepburn book post the other day, I thought I'd give you a quick insight into my inspiration in terms of hair and make up.
One of my faves has to be Brigitte Bardot at her peak.  Just so very stunning.  Pillowy, bee-stung lips, soft, touchable hair, and a face that looks all natural, with lovely feline eyes.  Just truly amazing:
In terms of newer, more recent beauty, and application of make up, these are some of my favourites:
L-R: Lana Del Rey, Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie
In terms of beauty, what I love about these women is the way the all have a classic, timeless make-up sense and know-how.  In Lana Del Rey's case, a beautiful contoured eye, with lush lashes, nude but touchable lips and easy, carefree hair.  In the same way, with different colouring, Penelope contours and smokes her eyes, her skin is beautifully dressed in a minimal way, and again, hair and lips are touchable.  Angeline Jolie stuns me with her amazing face shape and bone structure: she also sticks to the same kind of smoky contoured eye, minimal skin and touchy lips and hair.  
All these women, and Brigitte, are so polished, and give off such a put-together vibe, whilst actually appearing to have on quite minimal, fuss-free make up.  It is this which I would love to be able to pull off, and hopefully, with some practise I'll get there!
Perhaps I'll put together a look and show you.  We shall see!
Love A.x