So, a bit of a different post today (today's scheduled post has been pushed back to this evening).
I'm not one for this whole "I love celebrities" "omg that celebrity did this, how amazing" or just generally getting involved in the life of celebrities.  But Whitney Houston is my ULTIMATE fave, and as such I make an exception.  Her and Mariah - I believe you just can't beat them.  So, for once, I am really quite saddened by something that has happened to a 'celebrity'.  I was told by my sister, and immediately put on CNN, but tbh they don't have much info to give out.  
My fave ever song by her was 'How will I know' closely followed by 'I wanna dance with somebody'.  I listen to her basically every day.  Seriously, I play these songs whenever I feel down, or just to do my make up, and just last week put them on a CD for my car.
I'll leave you with something positive: pics of her at her best.
Just beautiful.
Love A.x