...but do you brush your face?
So, my ultimate uhb-session with skincare continues!
My Clari!
This little gadget has been in my possession for nearly a year now, and has unfortunately hardly been used.  It was ordered the day before I was made redundant, but I was allowed to (sneakily) still purchase it at cost price.  It is the Clarisonic Plus kit!  I think I bought it for cost price at around £80 - when it retails at around £180, and the Clarisonic mia (with less functionality) costs around £120: can you believe the mark-up in prices?!  Anyways, so why have I not been using this wonder product?  Well I have tried.  Twice.  But of course, the ensuing break out caused by the purging of my skin, put me off both times.  UNTIL NOW!  I have recently - I think it was Boxing Day - started using this little gadget again.  Religiously.  Twice a day.  
Of a morning I now try and hot compress with a trusty flannel, then - using my cleanser of choice, which is the No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser or Dead Sea Spa Magik Black Mud Soap.  I apply the cleanser, mixed with water onto my face, and start my little gadget up.  This really is effortless cleansing at its best!  You press the power button, a beep comes on, move the clari in circular motions, using little pressure, over your forehead.  After 20secs another BEEP, move it onto your nose and chin - I make sure I get into the sides of the nose, and take it slightly under the chin too - this again is 20 secs and BEEP move to cheek 1 for 10 secs BEEP cheek 2 for 10 secs.  And that is it!  Face done!  I do make modifications to this routine - whacking the clari on again if I fancy doing my neck.  I also do something a bit naughty and mix an exfoliant  (my choices include No7 Men's face exfoliator, bit of Lush Dark Angels, St Ives Microdermabrasion Scrub and the new No7Scrub that matched my cleanser) in with the cleanser - do NOT take my advice and do this, do as I say, not as I do, as you are generally not advised to use a scrub with the clari.  And of an evening (or generally very late at night for me), I always double cleanse, so I will generally use the Boots Botanics Cleansing balm, really massage it in to get the thick wall of makeup off my face, and the blood pumping, and use a hot flannel to take it off, then start my clarisonic routine.
Now, I have only been using this about 6 weeks regularly - remember 6-8 weeks is the time it takes for cell turnover, so this is the optimum time to test and I can say I definitely have noticed a clear-ness to my skin that was not there before.  My skin purged like hell at first, my face was (slight exaggeration) like a dot-to-dot picture.  It is not an exfoliation tool, so will not dissolve any pigmentation miraculously, and as said, caused me to break out around my chin, but even with the break out, there is a clarity that has become even better over time!  I still am breaking out around my chin, but I think that probably no longer has to do with the Clari, and it's getting better due to the products mentioned in my problemo skin treatments post. I am hoping that my skin continues to become clearer, and hopefully the spots decide to run away!  I'll update you in a bit!
Bit of info - the brush head defos needs a change - remember I have been using this on and off for about 9months, but everyday for about a month.  The heads should be changed the same as an electric toothbrush head - every 3months.  As for bacteria and all that malarkey, I use an antibacterial hand wash to wash the brush head after every cleanse (we have a fancy schmancy 'no-hands' one).
I've got a revamped skincare routine coming up tomorrow!
As usual, feel free to ask questions!
Love A.x