I love curly hair these days.  When I was younger I sooooo wanted curly hair, but it never came - I guess it's because I never ate my crusts.  Anyways, these days I generally 'do' my curls with my straighteners, but sometimes I crave a real curl.  A round curl, not a slightly not round curl!  I have tried gazillions of  hair tongs and conical wands, only to return them all because my hair is firstly long, but mainly too thick to hold the curl of most appliances.  Before Christmas everyman and his dog on the blog scene had some kind of Enrapture gadget - now the waver doesn't interest me at all, but the tong and heated rollers clawed at the entrance to my brain saying "buy meee...buy meeeee."  But I didn't.  Mostly because I wanted both, and that's a pretty penny to shell out for hair bits and pieces.  However, and I really can't remember how, I came across the tong down from the RRP of around £75-£80, down to £40 on Currys website - only catch was there was basically one left in the country.  Luckily, it was near me!
So here is my lovely gadget:
 As you can see, the barrel, and corresponding controls are split into three parts so that you can adjust the heat accordingly for the type of curl you want down the length of your hair.
 The tong can be used in 2 ways: as a traditional tong, using the clamp seen, or as a wand.  I prefer to use it as a wand myself, as I find that the curls are less 'pageant-y' and smoother and softer!
 As you can see, my styler was set to 1 at the top of the head, and 2 through the mid-lengths and ends, and here is the resulting product:
Hope you liked it!
Love A.x